About US

We're a bunch of students who recognized the need of one news website which collects relevant data from the internet in order to make it more easier for users to find the relevant news in one place.
We value honesty, integrity, and efficiency. Building quality user friendly interface and caring for the users are what made us stand out since the beginning.


“Each one of us works on his own spare time for free without any profit”


Euronow.org is a 100% free to use platform which collects the most relavnt RSS news of each country to one place.


We’re a team of highly skilled professionals in different fields siking to revolutionize the people’s web experience.

About the website

Euronow.org is a non-profit platform based RSS news feed. The website is divided to 27 sub websites, each website for each European country.
Each sub-website collects RSS news feed from verious news websites of it's country and brings it in one place, clear, easy to use and in a readble web environment.

As it's been said, Euronow.org has no profit, our team works for free and the website is 100% free to use.